Naveed Shams

Chief Development and Medical Officer

Naveed Shams MD, PhD

Chief Development and Medical Officer

Naveed is a Bio-Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Executive with 26 Years’ experience in Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Business across large multinationals and startups.

Prior to joining Avvantgarde Bio, he was the Chief Science Officer and managing Translational Research and Early Development efforts at ProQR Therapeutics, A Dutch, Clinical Stage, Oligonucleotide (RNA) platform Company. The focus of translation was on rare ophthalmic diseases including, retinitis pigmentosa-associated with syndromic or non-syndromic Ushers disease, autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa, Fuchs corneal dystrophy. His experience includes transforming and managing the US business of a Japanese Ophthalmic company Santen Pharmaceuticals, leading its 450 personal Global R&D Organization with an annual budget of US$ 250 million. Separately he was also accountable for the Company’s venture investments in line with mid to long-term plans.

Recognized as a significant contributor in the Ophthalmic Drug Development and Sciences space globally. Established the Ophthalmology Development Group at Genentech and led the development of Lucentis as a breakthrough in treating wet-Age-related macular degeneration, over $6 billion in annualized peak sales worldwide.

Naveed’s experience Drug and Device spans across ophthalmic diseases and product classes including oligonucleotide / RNA therapy, cell therapy for ceographic atrophy, cyclic peptides for intraocular inflammation, biologics for non-responders to VEGF therapy, prostaglandin receptor agonists to modulate aqueous humor dynamics, muscarinic antagonists for myopia, devices for subjects with end-stage glaucoma.

Extensive experience in global market access programs, health economics, macro and micro level healthcare issues impacting biotech and Pharma sectors. Experience in the working at the interface of technology and medicine to address quality of life issues.  Including leveraging machine learning and neural networks to enhance drug discovery and improve probability technical success.